Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014- a fresh beginning...

Life is easy, it is sometimes hard,
We stand in between, it offer different paths,
Which way to chose, I’m confused, which way to move, I'm confused...
Tired of living on edge of life, oh god, m tired of being on the fence,
Sometimes there is a perfect reason, and sometimes things just don't make sense...
Sometimes everything appear so strong, sometimes m weak to even carry on,
Sometime it feels like endless night, the very next moment everything is bright,
Life is happy, it is sometimes sad,
The fears of future- they are all in your head,
Sometimes I think, we have brain to use, But more I use it d more m confused,
This is my life and I can make a fresh start,
By ignoring the brain - following ma heart...
 .... .............. .......
as the last I heard from my destiny, it wanted me to take a u-turn at the next best opportunity :)

~ Pratik Jain ~

Friday, October 26, 2012

trapped in Love

From d day that i met u.........m trapped
a fresh victim ready to be robbed by the b'ful eye's magic
how many days i missed u.........even kissed your pic thinking that i kissed u!!
painted with d shades of innocence, you caught my heart in a run
a day will come......... when v both will be one" :) :)

~ Pratik

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Very Soonnn…

Hey! Know have 'been away for a while, will soon come up with some more of ma thoughts'..

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I be getting high

I be getting high just to balance out the lows...
I be getting high just to make-up for, what i have lost...
I be getting high holding myself tight... I be getting high to smoke away the stillness of my life... 

I be getting high to enjoy the divine, to sing again a melodious rhyme...
to be continued...

~ Pratik Jain ~

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yes, I Copied

Copied my memories, my feelings, perceptions
copied my past and present actions,
copied the darkness, delight of morning
copied the truths and facts m holding.. 
Yes, I copied... I copied myself into it.

~ Pratik Jain ~ 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

'A ShOT aT daWN '

I always believe that the night is as alive and as richly colored as the day. It's nothing, but the presence of light at other half of the world. Still a never ending night makes darkness monotonous WHY? 
Am i again struck into a never ending loop, 'a paradox'???

I didn't felt like leaving bed this morning but, the alarm at my bedside was insistent;
tones of it were persistent trembling my mind;
it wanted to wake me up but i said no, it kept on buzzing and i was wide awake,
rushed out quite frustrated , stretching ma arms feeling the fresh air,
though it was dark i could feel the light bursting out fading the sky that ' ws ma first shot at the dawn...
there was an unspoken nostalgia about every thing that was happening around and suddenly it started raining, there was a tempting madness all around, sensuous feeling, the air quickly filled up with smells of soil, trees, fresh flowers all mixed together.
I could see little children popping out of their homes, perfectly packed in school dresses holding little umbrellas in their hands, it appeared that the world started moving after a small rest...

Far away in the sky,
i can see her smoky eye,
keeps me hooked till the dawn,
then shyly she says 'come on'
hours pass by like a nanosec,
i forget every thing else, what the HeCk!!!

& calmly flows the river having no clue of what it has drawn into it....

~ Pratik Jain ~

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flashback !

Life begins wd flashes & ends wd ashes...
plastic faces and false feelings ... appear happy n strong,
when d winter come n they all will be gone...
what vl only remain is the instinct,
that stayed with u since u were born...
the winter for me has come as the snow-white has entered my life,
all heat is gone just by a wink of her eye ...
Away from her for so long, yet the memories fail to vanish,
the moments of life we together cherish...
Its like a faded dream,
but every time the memoirs come back it ignites a real steam...
That's the flashback of how your life trends,
The One and Only time, v hated the word "FRIEND" is When SHE said "Let us be only FRIENDS !"
& At the end of the tunnel stands a motionless train, waiting for some tragedy to arrive again...

~ Pratik Jain ~ :)